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Operating online since 2003 we now run an online auction platform and provide IT infrastructure to other auction houses. We have the most competitive auction fees structure that differentiates us from other auction houses.


We are bringing our bidders over 14000 auctions a year that allows secure transactions, easy bidding and comprehensive searching to ensure no opportunity is ever missed.


In doing so, we support our network of more than 1350 auctioneers who vet the quality, estimate the value and ensure professional handling of each item.


Founded to provide high quality, independent auction price information to diamond professionals

Releases first internet-based price database, including auction price information for the past 10 years

Partnerships with diamond miners and producers to bring their products to auction houses in the international market

Acquires a team of IT veterans, focusing on online auction technology

Launches our own online bidding platform; closes a $13 million round of capital financing

Rebrands with an updated website designed to encourage increased online bidding, including category browsing functionality.

Announces strategic partnerships in France; announces technology partnership with eBay to power eBay Live Auctions; raises $33.75 million in funding

Launches technology partnership with Sotheby's to power all online bidding on

Updates the live bidding experience, launches payment processing and offers fixed price items in partnership with premier galleries and dealers.

Created innovation co-invest platform for investors in Asia.

Edward Norman
Chief Executive Officer

Edward Norman joined SacoTech in October 2012 and brings over 20 years of consumer marketing and Internet technology experience to the company. Prior to SacoTech, Edward was Chief Marketing Officer at Zipcar, where he led the company to 760,000 members and through its 2011 IPO. Before Zipcar, Edward was Vice President of Multimedia Marketing at Domino's Pizza, where he launched online ordering. Edward holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Leeds.

Christopher Wilson
Chief Operations Officer

Christopher Wilson was named SacoTech COO in April 2018, after serving as the company’s head of operations during the previous three years. Christopher has led the SacoTech acquisition of blockchain startup and related solutions. He has played a pivotal role in overseeing the company’s finance, operations, sales, and emerging markets divisions. Among his initiatives as COO, Christopher oversaw the company’s focus on enhancing its solutions for the Auction Platform, advancing its industry leadership, and developing innovative auction management platforms. Christopher has a strong, multi-decade background in corporate finance, marketing, and operations for high-revenue growth companies.

Viktor Badgov
Chief Financial Officer

Viktor Badgov joined SacoTech as Chief Financial Officer in March 2018. Viktor is responsible for the financial strategy of SacoTech and leads the worldwide accounting, treasury, financial planning, tax, acquisition and investor relations functions to pursue the company’s aggressive growth strategy. During his eleven-year tenure at previous company, revenues grew over 285% and had acquired and integrated 6 companies. Over his 31-year career, John has raised over $1.9 billion of capital through equity and debt offerings, has acquired 11 companies valued in excess of $500 million, has led 4 ERP or accounting systems implementations and has structured and led the international operations of 3 companies.

Josh Wilkinson
Chief Technology Officer

Josh Wilkinson joined SacoTech in April of 2008 and brings over 20 years of technical Interactive, e-commerce and enterprise mobility experience. Prior to SacoTech, Josh was the CTO at Perillon Software, provisioning high-volume SaaS-based systems for global companies. Before that, he served as Chief Architect at Intuitive Manufacturing Systems/SupplyWorks, where he developed e-procurement and shop-floor replenishment platforms for the retail and automotive industries. He has also contributed to technical solutions for hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Imperial College.

John Miller
Chief Information Officer

John Miller joined SacoTech in March 2018, and since then has worked closely with SacoTech’s customers to develop innovative new products and features that simplify auction solutions for the enterprise. Now as Chief Information Officer, John leads his team toward best-in-class technology practices across SacoTech’s platforms and systems. As he started his career, he oversaw the company’s Security Review Board and built the company’s first penetration testing teams, overseeing a combined product revenue of more than 100 million USD, with many of these products built for the cloud. John graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Utah Valley University.

David Rogers
Senior Vice President, Investors Relations & Corporate Communication

As Senior VP of Investors Relations & Corporate Communication, David oversees all investors and communication matters at SacoTech and partners closely with the rest of the executive team, board of directors and the media. David joined SacoTech in June 2016 after serving as head of product and commercial investors and communication, bringing many years’ experience advising on technology-related matters and negotiating a variety of commercial contracts. At SacoTech, David’s duties include overseeing corporate governance, M&A, licensing, product support, investors relationship, corporate communication and intellectual property matters.

Andrew Parker
Head of Product Development

Andrew Parker is a seasoned business professional with 10+ years of program management and team leadership experience in the technology sector. Recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for business development, as well as for navigating strategic negotiations to facilitate optimal outcomes. He has a verifiable history of contributing directly to company growth and expansion throughout his career.

Lawrence Copeland
Head of Diamond Department

Lawrence Copeland joined SacoTech in May 2019 as Head of Diamond Department. With over 9 years of experienced as diamond appraiser, Lawrence recognized that computerization would enhance both accuracy and speed in the appraisal process ultimately making the appraisal experience more efficient for consumer, insurer and professional appraiser alike. Lawrence is one of the world's leading researchers and gemstone pricing experts. He has devoted his career to the advancement of gemological knowledge through his personal consulting with industry members. He currently oversees the team of appraisers who managed all procurement of the diamonds being auctioned in SacoTech and source for the best diamonds auctions around the world. Lawrence earned the ASA prestigious Master Gemologist Appraiser® credential in 2010.

Nate Kerman
South Africa Country Director

As Country Director of South Africa, Nate oversees strategic initiatives and exec-sponsored cross-functional projects within the country. Prior to transitioning into Country Director, Nate played a critical role in establishing SacoTech’s “customer first” mantra within our Support and Auction Services department by focusing on operational efficiency and positive customer experiences. At SacoTech, Nate has worn several hats from directing Support and Auction Services, managing and directing Enterprise Sales and leading post integration efforts.

Supreet Singh
Indian Marketing Director

Supreet Singh had been a brand owner with 8 years in FMCG and online auctions experience as Marketing Director. Investor, Business Analyst and performance specialist with a passion for decentralised solutions, disruptive tech. Since joining SacoTech, Supreet had been involved in blockchain technology and how it could enhance the whole auction ecosystem.