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Premium Yellow Diamond Series Auction Result


SICP lot 180716-02

Auctioned amount : USD 4,550,000

Celebrity Endorsed Royal Queen Yellow Diamond Series

Endorsed by internationally renowned celebrity Christy Chung, this rare set of triple jewelry will set even the hearts of experienced collectors racing.

1) Fancy Yellow Princess Cut Diamond Ring: Beautiful 3.01 carat yellow diamond with flawless clarity, surrounded by a cushion of brilliant round diamonds that enhance the nobility of the ring’s design. This gorgeous piece from the Royal Queen Collection is luxuriously handcrafted using the rarest yellow diamond and sure to turn heads.

2) Intense Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Ring: A rare fancy intense yellow 8.01 carat diamond set between 2 flawless diamonds. Inspired by the flowers that bloom in the palace, this beautiful ring represents a lovely yellow rose in its full beauty. Because of its elegant design, it is a piece that will spark many great conversations.

3) Royal Fancy Yellow Diamond Necklace: Fantastic craftsmanship, with every single diamond harmoniously placed on this magnificent necklace. Featuring 19 Fancy Yellow cushion shaped diamonds of 25.62 carats graduate to a centre Fancy Yellow 5.05 carats diamond. There are also 982 round brilliant cut diamonds. This amazing necklace from the Royal Queen Collection is the absolute gem of the entire set.


SICP lot 180718-01

Auctioned amount : USD 875,000

Teardrop Yellow Diamond Earrings & Bracelet set

This rare set of jewelry consists of teardrop diamond earrings and bracelet.

1) Fancy Light Yellow Diamond Teardrop Earrings: Modern and stunning day to night Fancy Light yellow diamond dangling earrings, designed for all casual and formal occasions. Surrounded by two rounds of brilliant diamonds, this flawless earring is a highly sought-after piece from the Royal Queen Collection. Total weight is approximately 4.54 carats.

2) Fancy Light Yellow Teardrop Halo Diamond Bracelet: A majestic piece from the royal collection, using heart and teardrop-shaped Fancy Light yellow diamonds with a shimmering halo of diamonds to create a romantic and elegant bracelet that suits all occasions. Perfect for someone who has everything but deserves even more. Total weight is approximately 12.8 carats.


SICP lot 180728-01

Auctioned amount : USD 370,000

Yellow Teardrop Halo Diamond Ring

This beautiful stunner will make you the highlight of every event. Featuring a sparkling 3.18 carat teardrop-shaped Fancy yellow diamond surrounded by brilliant white diamonds and an amazing band, its quintessential design makes it highly sought after amongst collectors.


SICP lot 180716-01

Auctioned amount : USD 780,000

Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Necklace

This magnificent custom made yellow diamond necklace was specially designed with 13.15 carats of intense yellow and brilliant cut diamonds. This piece looks stunning and elegant with its own uniquely beautiful charisma.